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A head of a Buddha from ancient Vietnam.
A head of a Buddha from ancient Vietnam.

Who was the Buddha?

In Anacalypsis, British historian Godfrey Higgins suggests that Buddha descended from the aboriginal "Negroes" of ancient India:

The mountaineers [of India] most resemble Negroes in their countenances and their hair. The natives of the hilly districts of Bengal and Bahar can hardly be distinguished by their features from the modern Ethiopians." All this is accords very well with my theory respecting the black Buddha. It has been observed that the figures in all the old caves of India have the appearance of Negroes. This tends to prove not only the extreme antiquity of the caves but also the original Negro character of natives."

In 1806 India was colonized by the British under the "East Indian Company Inc." According to British archaeologist and historian Gerald Massey here is what he published in 1881 regarding the origins of the Buddha:

"The Black race is most anicent and Africa is the primordial home. It is not necessary to show that the 1st colonizers of India were Negroes, but it is certain that the black Buddha of India was imaged in the Negroid type. In the black negro god, whether called Buddha or Sut-Nashsi. The people who 1st fashioned and worshipped the divine image in the Negroid mould of humanity must according to all knowledge of human nature been negroes themselves. For blackness is not merely mystical, the features and hair of the Buddha belong to the Black race and Nashi is the negro name. "

Content Source: Black God: An Introduction To The World's Religions And Their Black Gods by Dr. Supreme Understanding

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